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Posted on 2008.06.24 at 11:53

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Striding along the hotel lobby, clutching a mighty sword, cometh Dominant_zoe! And she gives a bloodthirsty bellow:

"I'm seriously going to smash you until I am off parole!!"

Find out!
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Are you a girl, or a guy ?

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For WoW Players

Posted on 2008.04.26 at 18:57

Brain . . .

Posted on 2008.04.25 at 19:39
BOOM!!!!! *splat . . . drip . . . massive psychotic giggling as muses escape and disappear into the distance*

Dark Elf!

Posted on 2008.04.22 at 19:12

What type of Fae are you?

Posted on 2008.04.05 at 12:39
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Well, we'll see how massive it is really. I may get bored with typing.

So anyways, today is my birthday. Whoop-dee-do. Megan asked me this morning: "So you're 22 now right?" I laughed and told her: "No, 24. Did you forget how many years we've been drinking at Tapps together?" Granted I started drinking there before I turned 21 but meh. This is my first birthday in three years where I didn't have to travel down from Tallahassee to enjoy it. In fact, on my b-day last year, Chuck and I told the friends present that we were getting married. Pretty smoothly if I do say so myself. But anyways. Updates.

So we're not moving to Atlanta when we thought we were going to. The interview with Georgia Shakes in Feb. went very, very well. Until they discovered that they couldn't afford more then cheap student later. In other words, the couldn't afford me. But the guy that I was interviewing with gave me the contact information for the production manager at the Alliance Theatre also in Atlanta to get in contact with. So I did so and after more then a few mishaps of trying to get my resume translated from a PC format to a Mac, it got sent out. He responded positively and sent all my information to his Technical Director. Who got in contact with me once but hasn't responded to my other e-mail. We'll see. Whatever happens, happens. It would be a 42-45 week contract which would be good. Not sure about the pay. But knowing my baseline expectations, Tim wouldn't have given me the guys contact info if he didn't think the Alliance could pay it. Worse comes to worse we stay in Florida for a few more months then expected and I ((attempt)) to get a job somewhere mundane for the time being which might be good. Kinda burnt out and my body needs to recoup. I also have some contacts at the King Center but they're a union house and I don't particularly know what their rules are.

In more creative news, my friend Nette (LadyPegacorn) have started RP writing together again after a long hiatus which is awesome. I really like writing back and forth with her. It's challenging to read and try and keep the story cohesive. We started writing this particular story when I was still in college. It's since gotten to 195 pages and really just started having an actual plot, lol. Ah well. It's fun and challenging.

But because of this, my muses have started to wake up, stretch, and think. I want to start writing my own stuff again but I'm not sure what. I have Die Another Day which I still have yet to finish. It's a story that I LOVE and has grown MUCH larger then I ever thought possible. It's angsty and very bloody. I've had people read parts of it and not really be able to handle it, which is good I guess. It's good. I really like it. But since it's some what of a fan fiction, it's not going to go any further then my computer and those few that want to read it which is only a few. Chuck doesn't even read anything I've written. It's not that he doesn't support my writing, quite opposite in fact. At one point in time I had stopped writing for a year and he tried everything he could to get my muses out of hibernation again even going as far as to write the beginning of his own story and trying to get us to write it together. But it didn't work. Sometimes it bothers me that he doesn't even show an interest in reading anything I write, but then again he's extremely picky in what he reads. I still would like to know what he thinks about it though. Ah well.

The other story that I'm thinking continuing is one that I started as a comic idea with my friend Crystal. She wanted us to write one together. Or rather me write and her draw. But even though she's an absolutely astounding artist, she has a problem drawing ugly creatures and I asked her to draw a redcap in the first scene of the comic. Well, that ended that and this story has been sitting there for about a year. It's on DeviantArt at http://thebureauproject.deviantart.com/ it has some drawings and character sheets posted but that's about it. But it's been niggling at my brain to finish it as a normal story but I'm going to have to a lot more flushing out of the world to even start on it again. We'll see. I think it's a cool concept and I think I would enjoy writing it as soon as I figure out a plausible, non hookie plot.

The problem is I generally figure out plots by talking back and forth with one of my living muses, namely Emme, and the problem with doing that is while we figure out really great plots and scene ideas, it's then no longer mine because she wants to join in on it. Which is great, we have a wonderful time writing together, but I want something to be just mine this time. I don't want to have to rely on someone else to get back to me and if that person drops out then I have to ask well. There was one amazing story concept that I came up with that was in the science fiction genre. It ended up temporarily being called Planet Hell I believe after a Nightwish song that fit the concept perfectly. It had to do with basically a giant, human chess game between the Earth and the Moon using people to play. So much information is flowing back into me now that I started thinking about it. But it basically has to do with two different militant psychic academies with breeding and experimental programs. One of the Earth, and one on a colony of the moon. Mind you, this is an EXTREMELY basic summary. When I got the idea, I started writing things down but the world, the setting itself wasn't coming smoothly to me and I got stuck. So I called Emme in to help kick start my brain. We came up with some AMAZING stuff. But then she wanted to help write it and my brain shut down again. The notes and the notebook got put away in a box and is currently somewhere in my storage unit, probably never to be touched again.

But that's about it in a nut shell. I'm tired of typing and want to meet my mom for lunch. So that's it. Ja ne!

"Mr. Bush is a Facist!"

Posted on 2008.03.03 at 22:47
Holy mother of gods, this guy is amazing!! You have to watch, all the way through!

Start of Wedding Pictures

Posted on 2008.02.16 at 23:58
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So my friend Dylan did the photography for our wedding. Because I've been nagging him he's finally posted some pictures. He posted the finished edited photos from the actual ceremony. They are posted here: http://www.livenewsnet.com/wedding/piratewedding/ . I look like a wreck but everyone else looks great, lol. Enjoy those who wanting to see them

Just for Aikyo

Posted on 2007.07.21 at 03:34
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Okay and maybe some other FF loving people. But it's amusing!

Funerals and Family Members

Posted on 2007.06.16 at 13:46
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So I just found out about a half hour ago that my cousin Mike's funeral is today at 3pm. It's the first member of my family that I have ever known to be buried. Now, we all know my love of cemeteries but Mike is being buried at a cemetary that I don't particularly like, Fountainhead Memorial. I've never liked Fountainhead. It's always seemed too coorperate and . . . ick. I really don't know how to describe what I don't like about it. It's a place where I feel they care more about money then giving families a sense of certainty that their loved one is safe and resting peacefully in the earth. I know this sounds weird, but I HAVE been to many cemetaries and tend to study how they treat their 'residents' and the grounds around them. Fountainhead is . . . ugly and gives me a chill down my spine that has nothing to do with the knowledge that their are dead people under my feet. Although, knowing that Mike's father arranged the funeral in about three days flat pretty much makes it understable that he's there. Frank would have the mind that 'there's a hole in the ground? throw him in it'. Frank Pisano does sound like an Italian Mafia member doesn't it? Wouldn't be surprised. Bur I wanted to go . . .

It also wouldn't surprise me if my cousins (Mike's kids) Kelly and Cristopher don't even know of he's gone, and if they do, if they even care. I don't even know if they know that Auntie's gone. It hurts me. I don't understand why.

I've been toying with the idea of trying to get in touch with at least Kelly. I tried to find her back when Auntie died because I wanted to give her some of the jewelery that I recieved. Auntie wanted her to have whatever I didn't want. Since it was Auntie's, I want it all (it sounds greedy in that context but it has nothing to do with that and more then fact that they were Auntie's and I love and miss her.) but since it was Auntie's wishes, I wanted to give Kelly a chance. I couldn't find anything. I'm thinking about getting in touch with Frank and trying to get Kelly's contact information (if he'll even give it to me). I want to talk to her, maybe ask her what her reasons were. Why. I don't know. Tell her my life with Auntie in it and tell her that, yes, I know Mike was completely and utterly batshit, but he was family. Christ on a Crutch, he was her FATHER and despite his many (MANY) oddities, he was a good man and I'm going to miss him.

What are everyone's opinons on these thoughts? Do you think I should try and get in contact with her or let it go? We used to have a lot of fun and get along as children but I know that's probably changed with age. I'm not trying to get in touch with someone I've never met. I talked to her a few years ago over e-mail and they were good conversations, but she disappeared. Should I or shouldn't I??

Addition - Forgot to mention this
On a positive note, for those of you who know my cousin Michelle - on Thursday, June 14th (interestingly enough, it would have been my Auntie's b-day) at about 10:30 pm est, a healthy Serenity Rose was born after many, many hours (about 21) of labor. They finally had to give up and do a C-Section. She weighed it at 6lbs 13oz and is apparently gorgeous with a shock of black hair. I'm sorry I missed her birth and SO can't wait to see her. Michelle and Serenity are both doing very, very well. Another note is that my other cousin Angel gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday, the day Mike died. We figure that if anyone deserves Mike reincarnated, it should be Angel. I love her, but she's crazy enough herself.

Firefly/ Senerity

Posted on 2007.06.16 at 12:40
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Well, not what I expected, but besides Zoe, he's my favorite character. :)

Your Score: Wash

You scored 75 variable 1!

You are Wash, Serenity's pilot, only blond, and probably the only one
on board that owns a toy that isn't of the sex variety. Even so, you
scored Zoe as a wife, so you have to have -something- going on, more
than just your Crazy Ivan...

Link: The Who are you? Firefly Chars Test written by x_pookie on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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